Send Yourself A Gift Via Heineken

Heineken has come up with a new way of promoting their new product with the BeerTender. They will offer it to customers over the social media app so, all in all, you can send it to yourself as a holiday present, and it will look like somebody else had sent it to you – so that you wouldn’t feel guilty for just buying it… Read Full Article

eBay’s Virtual Pop-Up Stores Engages Consumers

New York City and San Francisco are now richer for two virtual pop-up stores which were developed by eBay.  Recently, eBay has launched stores where you can use smartphone technology – scan the QR codes of an item and the price pop right up on your display. Read Full Article

GapKids ‘I Want Candy’ Campaign

Debuting on Gap’s Facebook page and YouTube channel, the campaign centers around a music video starring viral music sensation, Maria Aragon, who performs her rendition of the old time favorite, “I Want Candy,” by The Strangeloves.  Read Full Article

The Bing Magical Holiday Calendar

This holiday season Bing is giving their customers a trip around the world, free concerts for a year, free cars, ultimate fashion experiences and more through their Magical Holiday Calendar. Read Full Article

Christmas Tree Made Entirely Out Of LEGOS

Apparently, there’s a 33-foot tall Christmas tree in London’s St Pancras International Station, built out ofLEGOS. Yes, LEGOS!  Read Full Article

Irresistible Santa Celebrates 80 Years

Coca-Cola  is celebrating 80 years of existence of the gentleman in a red coat with a white beard  – Santa Clause. Santa that we all know today was made by a Swedish-American artist, Haddon Sundblom, who created his persona in 1931. Read Full Article

Coke Changes Can Color To White For The Holidays

No more traditional red Coke cans from November 1st untill March this year in the US and Canada. Read Full Article

Isaiah Mustafa Is MANta Claus In New Old Spice Ad

After the utterly fabulous Bear Deodorant Protector and its ad, Old Spice is starting to celebrate Christmas with a first in a series YouTube video,done by Wieden + Kennedy of course, where Mr. Isaiah Mustafa starts giving gifts around. Read Full Article

Walmart Spreading Some Holiday Cheer

Walmart has released a funny ad campaign featuring an animated fruit cake. He is called Frank (the Fruitcake) and is voiced by Bobcat Goldthwait, an American actor and comedian. Read Full Article

LG’s Social Campaign For This Holiday Season

While some brands are sticking with tradition marketing, LG is expanding its social presence and offering brand entertainment opportunities through the official Facebook page with their Chrstmas promotion event. Read Full Article

Tommy Hilfiger’s Holiday Par-tay

Besides its new collection, Tommy Hilfiger has presented a new campaign in collaboration with New York-based agency Laird+Partners. With its new holiday video called “Holiday Par-tay” Hilfiger is sharing with us Christmas happiness and joy with its message “from our house to yours.Read Full Article