Today we live in a world that us ourselves create through video games, the internet and other technologies. This world is a whole lot of fun, we have total control over it, and it’s visually very stimulating. However, all of this digital technology is re-wiring our brains, and especially the brains of kids who are having more and more trouble with sitting in traditional classrooms. It’s hard to fit a digitally re-wired brain into an analogue classroom, and this will be a big problem in the near future. Somebody talks at you without even the nice pictures, it’s boring, they control nothing, it’s passive. Kids today are learning more from the internet simply because it’s more fun, and it can be interactive. Teachers do have it rough. But, this same technology can now be used for school purposes in a much easier and more adapted way, making students more engaged and interested in learning.

One of the most popular web-sites of today is YouTube. It can be used for watching music videos and videos of funny cats, but now it also has a deep educational purpose. The newly announced teacher’s platform from YouTube For Schools gives teachers and school administrators access to educational content from YouTube EDU. It offers more than 400,000 educational videos from 600-plus partners including the Smithsonian, TED, Steve Spangler Science, and Numberphile. This means that more educational organizations are now getting involved with adapting the traditional curriculum to this generation hooked on the internet. And who wouldn’t want to say that they were watching YouTube videos during class? YouTube EDU offers over 300 playlists categorized by subject, grade, level, topic etc. With everything from Math, Science, Language arts, Social studies, and more, can be found on this elaborate collection of educational videos. YouTube For Schools is only supported in the U.S. and Canada at launch.

YouTube EDU

These are the features of YouTube For Schools that explain all the possibilities of this platform:

  • Comprehensive – YouTube for Schools gives you access to the hundreds of thousands of educational videos on YouTube EDU. This includes short lessons from top teachers around the world, full courses from the world’s best universities, professional development from fellow educators, and inspiring videos from thought leaders.
  • School-appropriate – School admins and teachers can log in and watch any video, but students cannot log in and can only watch YouTube EDU videos and videos their school has added. All comments and related videos are disabled and search is limited to YouTube EDU videos.
  • Customizable – Schools can customize the content available in their school. All schools get access to all of the YouTube EDU content, but teachers and administrators can also log in to and create playlists of videos that will be available at your school.
  • Teachers – use YouTube videos to enrich your classroom lessons, spark a conversation, make theory come to life, tap into the mind of the visual learner and more. helps teachers learn to use YouTube as a powerful educational tool.