Comic Sans. Why does everyone utterly hate this font? I remember that, when I was a little girl writing something in Microsoft Word, I would always use Comic Sans font. It was the only one that was different, playful and funky. Now – I wouldn’t touch that with a 10 meter pole.

But, I think that’s where the hatred actually begins – designers, people who, by default, know their fonts, would, by seeing someone using the font, be taken back to that ignorant age where you didn’t know that any other playful font existed except Comic Sans. Someone who made something with the font would revile someone who shares the same lack of knowledge of design. Therefore, it’s a font that refers to cheapness, to ones absolute ignorance of design and knowledge of it varying somewhere near level 0. It also refers to someones lame attempt to be original, but absolutely failing to do so.

In the end, these are all silly reasons for hating something – I think that the key thing is that the font has been seen so many times, that people of any aesthetic knowledge are simply – fed up with it.

But, someone wanted to put back the Comic Sans in everyday life by mixing it with some of today’s most popular brands. Even though I share the absolute hatred of this font with everyone else, I must say this project really amused me, and I thought it was actually really awesome. It’s a Comic Sans vs The World battle, where Comic Sans surely isn’t going to win – but surely still fights.


Check it out:

If you have a thought of why Comic Sans is hated that much, please, do share with us.