Converse has some 40,000,000+ Facebook friends, a lot of which feel very passionate about the brand. They also have an awesome product in Create – with which anyone can design their own Converse. So what if you were to enable people to sell the shoes they design to their mates on Facebook in return for stuff, like free shoes? What if you enabled people to open their own storefront on Converse’s Facebook page? What if you turned the fans of a brand into the retailers?

If you like this idea, check out the new  ‘Converse: Made By app for Facebook, and make a pair of your own original Converse sneakers. Why not? You can then share them with friends and other Facebook users, who can actually buy them.

This whole campaign reminds me of Threadless – you know, the whole make your own product theme – which is, I think, always a win, because who could resist it: I, for one, love the idea of being the clothes (sneakers) designer, and the thought of ‘being one’ for a major brand such as Converse is absolutely awesome. Also, if you can earn a few bucks…it’s great!

The campaign was developed by R/GA and Anomaly.

For more news about Converse, click here.

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