After many rumors who will replace the great John Galliano it seems that Dior has found a new candidate for its head designer – the Belgian fashion designer, Raf Simons. One of the many speculations was that Marc Jacobs and Alexander Wang have a big chance for this position but for now it seems that Raf Simons is the closest to become a new Dior’s head designer.

As the WWD (Women’s Wear Daily) reports, house of Dior is near to closing a deal with Simons to replace Galliano. Raf Simons has done a great job for Jil Sander brand that’s considered as “one of the most desirable labels in the market today.”It is expected that Simon will make a huge change of Dior brand. He’s well know for his clean, minimalistic style that will put Dior on the next level. That will be the complete opposite of the previous John Galliano’s theatrical work.

Neither Dior or Simons has commented on this speculation, I hope that this is the final Dior’s decision, because it’s about time. Even it’s still hard for me to except the fact that Galliano’s fashion era for Dior is over, I can’t wait to see what kind of new Dior perspective Raf Simon will offer.