uFlavor is the world’s first user generated refreshment company, and it allows you to mix your imagination, taste and creativity into your very own beverage. The company teamed up with Flavors of North America (FONA), making 42 flavors (and their concentrations) from which people can choose from.

So, the user chooses from some of the 42 flavors, while also creating the name and label of the drink; then comes the refining of the color of the beverage and the concoction would then be shipped to him directly. Plus, if someone else buys a drink you made, you get a portion of the profit!

uFlavor is aiming to make user generated vending machines too, from which you can also make your own soda, and I don’t know which idea is better. The amount of mixtures will expand and I guess that in one point, they’ll be adding new flavors to choose from and probably picking out the most popular mixtures to continue selling them. With a bit more branding, marketing and consumer awareness, I don’t see how this could be a miss. Didn’t everyone at some point, at least once, think: “Oh man, I wish I was the one picking out the new flavors for popular beverage brands, I would make a bunch of truly awesome drinks…” – well, now you, believe it or not, actually are that guy.

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