Polish soccer team got new jerseys with the popular crest-on-the-chest. Eagle crest is the most popular symbol of Polish culture. Therefore, it will repersent Polish in the best light possible in Euro 2012, that Poland is co-hosting. This jersey is also the most environmentally friendly kit Nike has ever made; it is made with 100% recycled materials and carries the equivalent of 13 plastic bottles per kit – eight per shirt and five per shorts.

“The new jersey represents our flag and our pride to play for the White and Red. This will be the most important year in Polish football history, so the jersey will be remembered for many years to come. We will fight to play the best we can,” said Kuba Błaszczykowski, captain of the Polish National Team and the face of Nike’s “United We Fight” campaign that celebrates the unity and spirit of the team.

Christophe Merkel, GM for Nike Poland says that they are glad how this whole project apears to look now, after hard work they’ve put in it: “We were very impressed by the movement created by fans and the strength of their voice. Nike’s mission is to inspire and bring innovation to all athletes and sport fans around the world. This time we saw how fans can inspire and influence change in the world of sport”.

When it comes to eco-friendly elements of this kit, Nike says that they never made anything like this. It weights only 149 grams and has more holes in it due to lack of air on previous jerseys. The new slim fit technology unables the players of opposing team to grab the jerseys and… oh well, that is just a whole new improvement in soccer.

Fans had the opprotunity of cheering for their favourite Polish team in their new equipment on December 16th, versus Bosnia and Herzegovina.