As the holiday season begins, large companies figure out various ways to share the joys of Christmas with their customers. As a very caring and user-driven company, you can bet Google is no exception.

Last year they gave Santa his own Google Voice number, so that people throughout the United States could receive a personalized phone call from him. A website was set up where people could create a custom message, give it to “Santa” who would then forward it to anyone they like.


This year, Santa asks people to reach out to him using their Gmail accounts, and leave a message at his Google Voice number. Santa will, in return, keep them informed about everyday happenings in the North Pole. The call from Gmail to Santa’s number (855-34-SANTA) is free for U.S. and Canada users only, but its not restricted to them, though. People around the world can make a call at a symbolic price of $0.01 per minute, with the addition of any applicable VATs.

The customized phone call from Santa is available this year too, and can be set up at the same website as last year.

As Google is cooperating with Santa so closely, they know all his plans. So they claim that he has come up with “an extra special way to spread the holiday cheer”. They wouldn’t tell what it is, but promised the secret would be revealed soon on the website. If no one peeked, of course.

When you’re a kid, there’s nothing for you to believe in except for Santa Claus and the Easter bunny. So why not keep your child believing for another year by organizing this call from  Santa. You can hear a sample recording of the call here.