After Nissan launching a video that had the mission to improve their sales, Hyundai is doing the same thing. “Hyundai Race” is a billboard video game that takes place on a very interesting location: Times Square. Since today, December 20th, pedestrians at the Times Square will have a unique opportunity to play a high quality racing video game, introducing new 2012 Hyundai Veloster. Yes, on the billboard. How? With your smart phone, of course.

Just like many things nowadays, Hyundai Race is controlled by your smart phone. Furthermore, tilting your smart phone makes a simulation of turning for a real life driving experience. “Real life” situation as much as possible, you are driving a car in a video game on a billboard. Anyways, downloading an application takes minutes, so whenever you are ready, Hyundai Race is too. After you’re done with the race, time and rank will appear on the big screen and you will be able to compare your score with other players’. Sweet.

Hyundai Race will be available to people until the end of this year, but this innovative game will be played next year as well. Hopefully, we will see the same thing in Millennium Park in Chicago as well as Hollywood Avenue in LA.

Interesting thing about this campaign is that it aligns with Hyundai’s new Brand direction: “New Thinking. New Possibilities”. This idea debuted at 2011 North American International Auto Show in Detroit. The new brand direction aims to provide customers with experiences beyond expectations through innovative thinking.

“Having a large video display in Times Square certainly creates awareness among consumers through creative graphic elements. But Hyundai’s racing game takes engagement to a new level,” said Steve Shannon, vice president of Marketing, Hyundai Motor America. “The game invites the audience to interact with Hyundai in the middle of one of the world’s busiest venues for commerce and tourism. It’s a great example of our innovative marketing at work.”

New Veloster is a sports car, very similar to Subaru Impreza. It is a three-door compact coupe attracting variety of age groups. The idea of a high quality video game on a big Time Square screen is the first one ever, and attracts about 1.5 million people per day.