MySpace has announced the release of MySpace Music Player, a refreshed version which gives people access to the world’s largest catalog of online music.

MySpace's New Music Player

The new player provides unlimited on-demand listening, lean-back personalized radio mode, a better search functionality and instant sync capabilities with MySpace and Facebook. These new features reflect MySpace’s core origins: promoting and enabling music sharing and discovery. MySpace got unique licensing agreements with the major players in the industry (Sony, Universal, EMI and Warner) and partnerships with 20,000 independent labels, resulting in the rights of over 42 million songs, a library bigger than any other online catalog.

 “Myspace has unmatched access to signed and unsigned artists who need a platform to get their music out. The new player is our commitment to fostering the artist-fan connection—not only allowing people to play their favorite songs, but also offering suggestions to unearth new favorites,” said Chris Vanderhook, COO of Myspace. “Through the Facebook integration, we’re extending the discovery process across networks, allowing music fans to circulate their playlists and recommend top picks to all their friends.”

MySpace Music Player enables the users to:

  • On-Demand Listening – lets people listen to individual songs, full albums and playlists for free, on demand without advertisements and without limits per play.
  • Facebook Integration – allows people to listen and share their music selections instantly with friends via Myspace and Facebook’s news feed, ticker and timeline. Myspace automatically creates a profile for new users so there is no time wasted setting up an account.
  • Radio Mode – a lean-back listening experience that recommends tracks for people based on their music listening history. The player functionality also allows listeners to add songs to their existing playlists based on newly-discovered favorites that they heard first through the Myspace recommendations made in Radio Mode. Additionally, through Radio Mode, people can discover all 15 million artists on Myspace – major, independent, signed or unsigned – and visit an artist’s radio station at the link:
  • Discovery of new music – improved search options such as Discovery/Browse, Top Charts, Similar Songs and Editor’s Picks.

A recent beta test revealed that the player enhancement resulted in a 10% lift in the average streams per person and has driven consumer engagement beyond the one-hour mark to over 20 songs. The new player is already available both online and on mobile devices, enabling users to share and listen to their favorite songs on a go. To try out the new player, visit

It is a good thing that at least something is happening on MySpace, a website that in 2007 was estimated at roughly $12 billion, only to be sold in June 2011 at a record low of $35 million. This new player is its biggest development since the company’s acquisition by Specific Media, and it is clear that MySpace has totally given up on being a major social media major player and refocused on its music service. I honestly hope that this will help MySpace stay available at least as a shadow of its former glory and find a place on the internet – don’t forget that old saying ‘The more, the merrier.’

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