Unilever’s subsidiary brand Axe, decided to enter the new year with a fresh campaign that engages its consumers. They decided to make “the first comic created in real time” called “Anarchy”, where the consumers are asked to to leave feedback on what would they like to see happen in the comic on the brand’s Youtube channel. The best ideas were picked by the professionals that are creating the comic, and were included in the story. According to the promotional video created for the campaign, some of the people that left feedback are even starring in the comic. This would be a fun project for people attending online graphic design schools.


Currently, people can vote for the final “Anarchy Girl” and suggest where  they would like some of the action to take place. So, the story is pretty much finished as the comics release date is scheduled for January 10.

The brand gained notoriety for creating campaigns that “encourage sexual promiscuity and sexism”, so nothing but hot stuff can be expected on the 10th. Hurry up, and give your contribution to the comic. In meantime, take a look at the videos Axe prepared for the campaign: