To continue promoting their 555 deal, the pizza restaurant chain launched an smartphone app that uses augmented reality and lets you order your favorite pizza from billboards. This is an innovative idea, wonder if people developed this while working on their advertising degree online.

Domino’s used the Blippar app to create the augmented reality experience across 6,000 sites in Britain. This is one of those eye-catching ads, that make you stop for a second, and really check out what’s going on. Even if you don’t want to order you can just visit their Facebook page, and become a fan, view your local menu, and more. But remember, if you order, be sure to get to your house before the delivery boy.

We’re always looking for innovative new ways to engage with our customers using the latest technology. This exciting new campaign with Blippar provides us with a great opportunity not only to communicate a good pizza deal, but also to engage with users by offering them information specific to their local store and other features just for mobile users. With sites up and down the country, we’re looking forward to pizza lovers blipping it where they live to get more from our posters. The posters campaign is designed to reach customers while they’re out and about on the high street and remind them of the piping hot pizza and great 555 deal Domino’s can deliver straight to their door. Nick Dutch, Multimedia Manager at Domino’s.