Everybody loves to see clever advertising. Especially when it intrigues you so much, that you have to watch it over and over again to see what you have missed. That is exactly what LG has achieved with their latest CCTV inspired, guerrilla style ad. Without making a single sound. Brilliant! I wouldn’t like to be too reveling of the whole story, so I would strongly advise you to take a look at the “ad” below, before continuing with the reading:

The video has gone viral, and if it is to judge by my search capabilities and the Youtube views counter (which bugs a lot when a large number of people start clicking on a video), one of the first videos collected more than 140k views not even 3 days after its upload. It is hard to track the total number of views, as a certain number of identical  videos appeared almost simultaneously on Youtube, and no one really takes responsibility for the creation of it.

I guess the video’s view count will continue growing exponentially in the near future, and the story of this clever ad and its creators will reveal itself. Maybe it was made by some agency/individual not even commissioned by LG, trying to catch the eye of this electronics magnate. Throughout the history of viral advertising, we could have seen a number of such examples. Let’s just wait and see what happens!

Update: A reader pointed out to us (thanks Jeffrey!) that this clever ad was done by Y&R agency based in Amsterdam, The Netherlands.