The Italian fashion house Prada and conceptual artist Francesco Vezzoli’s have teamed up for opening a pop-up 24-hour museum in Palais d’Iéna in Paris. Although some people find museums boring, this certainly won’t be. This glamorous venue is designed by architectural studio AMO. The program starts with a private dinner at 9 pm on January 24 and it will be continued with party in the nightclub. One day after the crazy partying Palais d’Iéna will become a museum that will be opened for public and press conference. The three hours before its closing, museum will prepare a public party which is expected to be amazing.

Inside of the Palais, Francesco Vezzoli will build the five-meter high, kitsch, neoclassical figures with heads of celebrities that he has working with. He described Prada’s sponsorship cash as “the cleanest money on earth – the fruits of a product which is a vehicle of culture”. In fact he just wants for everyone to have a good time, crazy party and smile because of his parody sculptures.

“It could be seen as a tacky show-off or it could be seen as a deep political analysis of the role of institutions as social hubs. Artists and critics see museums as a jewel case where the mementos of our epoch should be preserved, but if you said ‘MoMA’ to the president of Barclays’ bank, [he would] say, ‘That’s a venue for rent for $50,000 if you want to hold an event.’ These places have gone from being small and protected to being big and less protected. The only institutions that aren’t for rent are the private ones because people like Prada don’t need the money.” – said Vezzoli.