If you are a fan of mobile video games, especially Angry Birds, here’s some great news for you – Angry Birds is making its Facebook debut on Valentine’s Day!

The Angry Birds game, launched in 2009, has been available for the users of platforms such as iOS, Android, Windows Phone, Google Chrome, Google+, Symbian, Bada, Sony’s PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Portable consoles, and it was about time for it to be available on Facebook.

As one of the most popular mobile video games, Angry Birds shows the ability of  reaching the mass market of people, currently not considering themselves as “gamers”.

The game is not even active on Facebook yet , excluding the Fan Page, and still the page has 12.9 million likes. (It is important to emphasize that there are over 20 fake versions of Angry Birds on the platform.) According to Apple’s statistics, Angry Birds was the top paid app for both iPhone and iPad in 2011.

The interesting thing is that the Facebook game will add social elements, according to the Penn Olson report, which will provide an opportunity of leaderboards, so people can try to beat each others scores , as well as, the possibility to buy special power-ups for 99 cents.

The celebration for its big launch will be held in Jakarta on February 14th. Why Jakarta? Well as Peter Vesterbacka says, “Jakarta is the global capital of Facebook. Holding the launch there would be appropriate as it is a major Facebook hub” .

Eventually, you wouldn’t have to own a smartphone to play Angry Birds anymore!

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