According to some statistics, approximately 600 million chickens are slaughtered for the wings that get consumed during Super Bowl Sunday. PETA decided to fight this American citizens’ obsession, by placing billboards in the teams’ hometowns of New York, Boston and Indianapolis, where this year’s Super Bowl is being held. According to them there are meatless alternatives that would satisfy needs of most NFL fans. To see some of the recipes interested people are invited to visit PETA’s  website, which features an article about the campaign with the recipes on the homepage. Here is the billboard that PETA prepared:


The article besides the recipes, features a link to a year old video of Ricky Williams, a NFL vegan superstar, praising the meatless alternatives to chicken nuggets and wings.

Well, I’d say, nice try PETA. Yes, you’ve made a clever decision to put the billboards on strategic locations, and yes, you’ve even had a NFL star filmed eating and praising vegan food. But do you really think putting an image of two cute little chickens  is going to protrude into the mind of an average US citizen, waiting for Super Bowl and all the chicken wings that come with it the whole past year? And then, place a link to your home page, that has a small article on the whole topic, which, then again doesn’t even have the video of the NFL superstar (probably the only ace up your sleeve in this occasion) embedded, but only a link to it? Common, you’ve got to be kidding. That’s several web pages away from the point. You’ve got to be more obvious when you want to mess with the tradition. Something similar to what you did with McDonalds on Twitter. What happens to the 600 million chickens is pretty gross, if you want to protect them, at least dedicate your homepage to them for a couple of days.

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