The new Facebook app called ‘Serenade’ was built with only one purpose – to celebrate romance and love on Valentine’s Day.  So what can you do with it?

Heineken's Serenade - Branding Magazine

‘Serenade’ enables Heineken consumers to send funny personalized songs to potential partners, inviting them on a date. And guess what, the app is available in twenty languages! This Facebook app is designed to put the joy of love in the air and smiles on people’s faces around the globe. Millions of adult consumers will be able to create their own Serenade songs via Heineken’s Facebook page.

An interesting fact is that the ‘Serenade’ app is a part of brand’s global campaign ‘Open Your World’ and it’s based on Heineken’s second global film which was recently launched  – ‘The Date’.

“ The Serenade’ is designed to take some of the stress out of asking a partner to go on a date. It’s fun, interactive and guaranteed to make an impression” said Cyril Charzat, Senior Director, Global Heineken Brand. “We are committed to connecting with our adult consumers both on and offline. The Serenade is one more positive example of how we are doing this.”

Thanks to the advertising agency Wieden+Kennedy Amsterdam, users can create their song with just 4 clicks. They can choose around 640 different Serenades, and luckily make their potential Valentine to go out on a date. All the songs will be performed by Paul “Kiss” Kissaun, the same music artist and the band featured in “The Date” campaign.

“In a way, we want people to be in the films we make. The idea of giving Heineken drinkers the band from the spot to help them ask someone out is our way to make that happen for real. Let’s hope we make a load of offers that can’t be refused”, said Mark Bernath, Executive Creative Director from W+K Amsterdam.

Consumers can follow ‘Serenade Live’ Event and use Twitter hashtags #Serenade #SerenadeLive. They will also have to answer on four questions:

Who? Who is the person that they would like to go on a date?

Why? Why they to go out with them?

What? What they want to do on their Legendary Date?

Why Me? And the last, but not least, explain why their Valentine should go on a date with them?

Conclusion – if you are single and looking for romance, step out and try to find your Valentine via Heineken’s ‘Serenade’.