World’s #1 in tech gadgets, Apple, is having some issues concerning public relations and labor rights. What is actually going on is that due to very limited conditions in Apple’s factories, the Chinese workers have started a boycott on buying iPhones and iPads. Will this affect Apple‘s sales? There is a possibility.

New York Times has noted that “humans are being treated like machines” and that is a big deal in a situation where Apple does’t have a real sparing competitor that can keep up with the supply of Mac Books, iPhones,  iPads or iPods. If asked, would you be in a dilemma? Of course not. Apple made its brand look and sounds unusually cool, and everybody wants/has one. Why would you go to swings if you can go to Disneyland?

In a “leak” info that is going through global media these days, it is mentioned that they work more than 13 hours per day, one worker had a payslip with 98 hours of overtime work, etc. So far in 2012 Apple has a debit balance on their iPad inventory, counting 5 million sales in January itself. Comparing to 15 million in 2011, that is something to be proud of.

Denying the accusations, Apple said that “Apple is committed to ensuring the highest standards of social responsibility throughout our supply base. Apple requires suppliers to commit to our comprehensive supplier code of conduct as a condition of their contracts with us. We drive compliance with the code through a rigorous monitoring programme, including factory audits, corrective action plans and verification measures.”

However, the question here is how will this affect the Apple as a brand? I like Apple. I think its cool, mainstream, modern, provocative, and in a sense, revolutionary. But I don’t feel okay knowing that kids about the same age as myself are working like “machines” for a minimum wage job.In order to implement this to higher, macro population, one has to start from scratch of himself. Will everybody feel the same way I do on this topic? Probably not. Furthermore, the grounds where this event happened is China, world’s #1 population and a great factory station for many corporations from all over the world. If China’s demand for Apple‘s products goes down, Apple has a problem. This is ruining the picture of Apple that was built by Steve Jobs for so many years. If people are getting treated like machines, and therefore getting hurt at work on a daily basis and nobody cares about that, we have a problem.

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