ABSOLUT, as part of its ABSOLUT BLANK campaign, rolled out a bit of an experimental project that should portray the quintessential Indian sounds through ABSOLUT bottles, that take you to the spiritual journey to India. How do they do that? Through an installation packed with open source micro controllers with custom electronics, ultra-sonic range sensors and monaural speakers. In other words, when you come close to a bottle – it makes sounds. The instalation was made by SapientNitro and it will be shown at the India Art Fair 2012 in New Delhi, India.

ABSOLUT Unique Sound Of India

Pictures courtesy of thedrum.co.uk

Bikram Basu, vice president of marketing at Pernod Ricard India, said: “ABSOLUT’s is a creative journey. We now venture to the uncharted, using unique Indian everyday sounds and visualize the ‘unseen’, and discover ourselves. SapientNitro bridges its world of thought and technology to innovate an experience truly ABSOLUT. We love this installation.”

Even though this is a nice project, I’m not really impressed – after every creative thing ABSOLUT has done I kind of expect more. The installation is really interesting, but I know that I wouldn’t be too excited walking around and listening to bottles.