The second phase of new Old Spice ads with Terry Crews has begun! /dramatic music/

The “Smell Is Power” campaign supports the line of Old Spice Red Zone scents, promoted by none other than former NFL Star Terry Crews. The first phase of the campaign featured a 15 second spot, or should I say a super-powerful explosion-scented commercial, and an announcement of the brands plans for the campaign check it out.

Old Spice "Smell Is Power"

Phase two features two first-of-its-kind co-branded television commercials, with Procter & Gamble brands Bounce and Charmin, and they show how Old Spice is too powerful to be contained within its own ads. Just imagine seeing this on your TV set without knowing its an Old Spice ad, and POW! Terry Crews pops in and does what he does best, smell like a man.

All videos directed by Tim and Eric from the Tim and Eric Awesome Show.

Old Spice | Bounce

Old Spice | Vending Machine

Old Spice | Charmin

Look at me, now look at the like/dislike bar on the videos, now back at me. I love it, the people love it, it’s a success. Both brands benefit from these ads, a good strategy and partnership, spreading both brands target audiences, and bringing something new into the advertising world.