Mix up the creativity of ABSOLUT vodka and Jamie Hewlett (the artist form Gorillaz) with London and what do you get? Pure awesomeness. I think that this is my favorite ABSOLUT design, not so much for the design itself, but because of the concept; It’s absolutely charming and holds everything that I, personally, love. The bottle is celebrating the creativity of iconic periods, and the Londoners who defined them over the past 200 years, which have made London one of the leading cultural and forward-thinking capital cities in the world.

So, the deal is, ABSOLUT signed Jamie Hewlett to make the limited edition London bottles which are a “unique take on London’s style and fashion pioneers over the past 200 years”. They feature seven characters from London’s rich past – the Dickensian, the 18th century dandy, the punks, the mods, the 50s pinstripe, the 60′s chic, and the 80s casual. They are all drawn in that creepy yet funky Gorillaz way, which actually goes pretty well with the city itself combining a darkness (referring to the weather) and an absolute mix of style and funkiness.

Photo: ABSOLUT London

“London has such a fascinating and rich history which has inspired me over the years. For ABSOLUT London I chose to re-create seven iconic characters from different eras who are largely defined by their style as well as their impactful contribution to London’s culture at the time.” said Jamie Hewlett.

ASOLUT London By Gorillaz Artist Jamie Hewlett

ASOLUT London By Gorillaz Artist Jamie Hewlett


As for where and when you can buy a bottle of your own, the answer is from March 1st when they will be exclusively launched in Selfridges and Harvey Nichols, or after that, in April, when they will be generally released.

But that’s not all! The launch features a digital campaign for the promotion, and a promotion on Facebook. Also, there will be a competition where fans are invited to upload their photos to Instagram for a chance  to win a bottle of ABSOLUT London.

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