Announced in December, and now put in motion, KLM is the first airline to integrate social networking in its regular flight process with “Meet and Seat”.

KLM Meet And Seat


Erik Varwijk, Managing Director KLM: “With Meet & Seat, KLM takes social networking a step forward. This new service connects passengers and aims to give them a more inspirational journey.”

Fliers can connect to each other through their Facebook and LinkedIn profiles and pick the person they want to sit next to. By connecting their profiles fliers will not only connect for the flight, but can also discover if they are visiting the same places, and doing the same activities as their fellow passenger, depending on the privacy settings they choose.

KLM is now primarily advertising this as a good tool for business people, and not the initial approach to help people “who are sick of being stuck next to crying babies or the passenger from hell”. Of course there will be a lot of people who will try to abuse this to sit next to a hot girl/guy etc. but both people need to confirm their connections on social profiles, so if you don’t want to, you wont sit next to someone.

This can be a good service to not only business people, but for international students to find their new fellow colleagues on joint flights, tourists to share travel expenses with someone once they land and much more.

The service is currently available only on flights from Amsterdam to San Francisco, New York and São Paulo. Full launch is expected in Summer 2012.