Citra, a clear lemon and lime flavored soda sold to Coca-Cola when they entered India in 1993, was repealed by the year 2000 to make way for Sprite (and thus compete with 7-Up). Hence, Coca-Cola India has decided to revive the Citra brand in India again, and has already delegated it in its pilot run.


Coca-Cola’s general manager for public affairs, Kamal Sharma explains: “We have launched the pilot of the drink in around 2000 outlets in Gujarat and depending on the feedback, we will launch the drink at other places.”

The feedback from the Gujarat pilot run will also determine the pricing and brand identity. An advantageous reference is that there are some indicators showing the drink may be priced around 20 per cent less than existing lime-lemon drinks such as its own brands Sprite and Limca as well as PepsiCo’s Mountain Dew and 7 Up.

Regarding the fact that Coca-Cola‘s Sprite, the second-largest soft drink brand in the country after Thumbs Up, leads the lime-lemon drinks segment, which is the fastest-growing soft drink category in India’s 13,000-crore fizzy drinks market, decision for Citra  to re-enter the Indian market has startled industry watchers.

Ramesh Chauhan, creator of the Citra brand, credited for the brand becoming popular in the late 1980s and early 1990s, said: “After keeping the brand in cold storage for so many years, it’s strange they want to re-introduce it now, especially when they have a strong presence in the clear-lime segment,” said Chauhan. “If they are looking for retention and heritage value, then logically even Gold Spot should be revived.”