“Be Bright” is the name of Gap’s new campaign for its summer collection, developed in partnership with Ogilvy.

“Be Bright speaks to what has always been the heart and soul of Gap—casual American style that’s relevant for today and rooted in optimism. We’ve been infusing a new energy and confidence into our product and how we express who we are to our customer. It started with our 1969 jeans and premium black pants and continues this spring with our colored denim and khakis,” says Seth Farbman, Gap‘s Global Chief Marketing Office.

It seems like there is a new trend among clothing retailer companies to cooperate with influential bloggers. In that manner, Gap’s new campaign introduces Styld.by – a first digital collaboration between Gap and six well-respected fashion and lifestyle blogs including Refinery29, WhoWhatWear, FabSugar, Lookbook, Rue and MOG.

The thing is that each of the six partners will present its unique style consisted of several colorful gap’s items, emphasizing how to “Be Bright” this spring.

Their looks will be available on the partners’ sites within a Gap branded experience, which gives opportunity to everybody to get style inspiration, as well as keep up with new products and to purchase right from the experience.

Photos: GAP, models.com

“Styld.by is an evolutionary way to take the idea of a traditional catalog and deliver it in a way that encourages people to engage with it in a place where they’re already spending their time, like fashion blogs and music sites. By asking our partners to curate our favorite pieces in a way that’s relevant to them, we’re giving consumers more than just our point of view,” added Farbma.

GAP‘s “Be Bright” spring collection encourages you to explore with colors and emphasize your youthful side. Help your style not to be predictable and boring. Styld.by will be present in Social media: Facebook, Pinterest, Tumblr, Twitter and Stumbleupon, thus creating a dynamic social experience.