Citizens of Bordeaux were asked by the city officials to take part in a design challenge, whose subject was creating an “ideal city bicycle”. The challenge was open for the public between 28 November  2011 and 20 January 2012, and on February 10, Alain Juppé, the mayor of Bordeaux, together with Philippe Starck unveiled the final design of the bike at the second Cyclab meeting in Bordeaux. The bicycle/scooter will be produced by Peugeot.


Bordeaux is currently testing many programs  that will rethink the way people travel around the city, some of them including limited traffic and development of the tram way. However, as the number of bike riders in the city tripled in 15 years, the officials saw a potential in this mean of transport. An uninterrupted promotion of bicycle use was launched by the mayor’s office several years ago, which continues with this design challenge. As a result, Bordeaux joined the leading group of biker-friendly capitals with over 10% of daily trips being made on a bicycle.

Alain Juppé, the Mayor of Bordeaux, praised the project:

“Bordeaux is a city where bikes, in all their forms, hold an increasingly large place. We are 
all acting today in favour of biking: companies and politicians, designers and users, I am glad 
to say. Apart from the achievements, it seems necessary to initiate prospective thinking: we 
need to rethink the future of biking. The climate challenge and other environmental 
challenges prompt us to initiate that preparation of the future, so there is a daily increase in 
the use of bikes. This new bike will help do so.”

The bicycles currently in use will be replaced by the new bike/scooter, and its main goal will be an increase in users’ mobility around the city. Peugeot is about to face a great challenge to coordinate the citizens’ needs for user friendliness, Philippe Starck’s vision and all the technical, industrial and economic standards the bike itself will have to meet. However, the brand is in the business of bicycle production for over 120 years, so the challenge shouldn’t present much of a problem.


Philippe Starck commented on the citizens’ involvement in the initiative:

“It is the analysis of Bordeaux citizen’s answers, which were numerous, diverse, constructive 
and relevant, and the specificity of Bordeaux that prompted the new idea of that means of 
transportation. The new user-friendliness seems an inventive response to the new questions
 derived from pedestrian areas.”

“We are glad to be associated to the programme initiated by the Mayor’s office of Bordeaux 
to multiply the city’s means of transportation. Permanent mobility innovation has been part
 of the brand’s challenges since the launch of the service Mu by Peugeot in September
 2009. Succeeding in producing STARCK’s vision according to the criteria of Bordeaux is very
 exciting to us,” added Sandrine Bouvier, Product & Marketing Manager at Peugeot Cycles.