It seems that Microsoft is slowly, but steadily getting ready for unleashing the new Windows 8 operating system presumably at the end of this year. While the technical preparations in a form of beta developer preview are already underway, Microsoft, in cooperation with Pentagram, an international design consultancy firm, have created a new and bold identity for the internationally-known Windows logo. The new logo, designed by the famous New York graphic designer Paula Scher, brings back Windows to its roots with a more modern and minimalistic geometric shape that gets rid of colors and puts the logo in a perspective, serving as a metaphor for Microsoft’s refreshed views on the new operating system.

The idea behind the new logo was to create a complete system based on the idea of perspective. Pentagram‘s designers created a number of motion studies in order to demonstrate the transformation of the flag shape into a windows shape, demonstrating an easy and elegant solution for the overall brand. “I think the waving flag was meant to be a flag in perspective,” says Scher. “All of the clichés of technology design are based on the idea that icons should look dimensional like product design that tech designers call ‘chrome’––look at the iPhone interface where everything has gradation and drop shadows.”

The Windows logo initially started out as a window, but as computers grew more powerful it changed with each version, eventually evolving into a flag so that Microsoft could show off the capabilities of their new systems. With this new identity, Microsoft hopes to create an even bigger brand out Windows by genuinely following recent design trends and celebrating idea of windows: “’Windows’ really is a beautiful metaphor for computing and with the new logo we wanted to celebrate the idea of a window, in perspective,” says Sam Moreau, Microsoft’s Principal Director of User Experience for Windows.

Let’s not forget that this new logo goes very well with the new Metro interface shown in developer preview versions. I honestly must say that I’m quite impressed with the visual direction Microsoft is going. It was clear that the 2006 logo was just a Windows XP logo on steroids. It’s time for something new and fresh, and Microsoft isn’t afraid to show it.

The new Windows logo

Windows logo evolution

Windows 8 logo, drawn at different sizes so the crossbars always appear the same size

Photos & Videos: Pentagram,

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