Okay, so, remember the Gorillaz Converse sneakers we were talking about a few months a go? Well, yes or no, that collab between those two had just started then, and now it’s evolved in yet another awesome Converse “Three artists, one song” campaign, not just featuring Gorillaz, but Outkast’s Andre 3000 and LCD Soundsystem’s James Murphy.

Gorillaz x Converse Do Ya Thing
Here you can see one of the official artworks for the single, where next to the members of the Gorillaz are James Murphy and Andre 3000, in a classical, how should I call it,  foot-to-foot formation, seen in Converse previous “Connectivity” campaigns (example).

In other words, a funky new song resembling the old Gorillaz hits is being released on 23rd February, when it will be available for free download at converse.com (yay), followed by the release of a music video on February the 29th. Jamie Hewlett, Gorillaz artist who recently designed the awesome ABSOLUT London bottle, designed the sneakers and directed the music video. The Converse Gorillaz sneakers, a sneak preview and a making of of the video can be seen below:

The release will be global, followed by promotions such as a Twitter promotion with the hashtag #doyathing, UK billboards and street parties in Singapore.

Converse x Gorillaz Do Ya Thing

Gorillaz x Converse Do Ya Thing Branding

Also, as part of the promotion, listen to Murdoc Niccals radio transmissions here:

“After nearly a year underground (or lurking in the dark corners of who-knows-where), Gorillaz’s Murdoc Niccals has resurfaced and is again wreaking havoc — this time over the airwaves.”

This guy has such a fantastic voice mixed up with a British accent and pure sarcastic bitterness, that I just can’t stop listening.

Photos: Converse, BrandChannel

So there you go – a nother, but (for me) a far cooler Converse “Three artists one song” campaign is done, and I bet all the fans will be thrilled. I know I am, and thats why, for the end, I’ll share an amusing fun fact with you: I have just red that the Gorillaz have stated they’d never allow Glee to cover any of their songs.
…I love them more and more each day.