The american news agency, Associated Press, after several logo makeovers from 1900 to 1981, has now changed it’s logo again, after thirty years of the orange AP logo seen below:

AP logos from 1900 to today

“We have world-class content and world-class products and now we have the world-class look to go with them,” said Tom Curley, AP president and CEO. “This new look, from logo to color system, translates to AP’s growing portfolio of digital products and platforms, and distinctively relays our role as the definitive source for news.”

Associated Press Changes It's Logo After 30 Years

The new logo

I can surely see why they did the makeover since the old logo is too much out of date, but – this? I don’t know about this. It really doesn’t say anything to me. It’s done by New York design firm Objective Subject and it’s basically minimalism hit with unoriginal typography; although the bright side is that I think it will go well when combined with commercial material, apps, the website etc. I can see they have a bit of a fear from the logo change and the reactions of their loyal consumers, by reading this on their website: “Our look maybe changing, but our values remain constant.” They also wrote:

“We get it first, but first we get it right. The Associated Press has covered the world for 166 years. This year, we will be rolling out a new logo and visual identity system that reflects AP’s reputation as the definitive source for news in the digital age. One thing will never change, however: Our commitment to the values of accuracy, integrity and independence.”

Associated Press Changes It's Logo After 30 Years

AP Website
Photo: The Drum 

Obviously, the new logo is aiming for a more digital look in a now digital world, which is a very smart move – although I’m not yet really agreeing with the new logo, and I would really like to see if everyday customers/consumers don’t either. Time will tell, but even if it’s utterly unoriginal and lacks, um, well, everything, if they combine it right with other visual components like color and form, I guess it will serve it’s purpose well.

The new look will be rolled out in stages throughout 2012, starting with the new AP Mobile news app and the new AP. org website, in March.

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