Smirnoff Australia has made a collaboration with fantastic artists/graphic designers Beastman and Nanami Cowdroy in order to make two limited edition Smirnoff bottles. The collaboration/promotion goes with the tagline “Start Pure” which mostly refers to a blank canvas, and all the awesome ideas and creativity that can be spilled on it, transforming it into a beautiful artwork, which is exactly what these two artist did.


Smirnoff Start Pure Limited Edition Bottle By Beastman And Nanami Cowdroy

Photo: Bobbysix

Now, the interesting part is, there will also be a third limited edition bottle, but made by you. Well, if you live in Australia and go to the Smirnoff Start Pure Gallery in Sydney’s Surry Hills from 2 to 8th March. And there, not only will you see the bottle artworks in their large scale versions and other work of the artists, but you will be a part of the Smirnoff third limited edition bottle design. Guests will be asked to make a small artwork of their own and tag themselves on their creations on the Smirnoff Australia Facebook page, and then Smirnoff will combine them all in one large artwork that will result as the third limited edition bottle, which will be sold in only 5 copies.

The bottles will be available from March 1 for a limited time at Coles, Woolworths and local liquor retailers’ stores.

Check out what Beastman and Nanami Cowdroy say about the artworks: