Remember the time 10-15 years ago when Sony was dominant compared to other companies electronics manufacturers? Those times might come back. Sony Corp has unveiled its first smartphone, that should be quite compatible on the market. This is the first big thing after the Sony-Ericsson absolute merging disaster.

Sony also announced a new CEOKazuo Hirai, who will replace Howard Stringer on that position. According to Hirai, “People have these lofty expectations that we’re going to have all the answers to all the problems that plague the world on April 1. We’re not going to have that.”  Hirai presented new Sony smartphone that is running on Android. Xperia P and Xperia U will be highly competitive on the market, and will get Sony back on where it was before its Sony-Ericsson business era.

Sony's incoming CEO Kazuo Hirai

Photo: IB Times

These new smartphones will have the latest features of technology, including White Magic Display that can save energy. Furthermore, P model has an eight Mp camera and supports NFC connection. On the other hand, U model offers a 3-D surround music player that gives a really good audio experience, as well as “modest” 5Mp camera. This way, Sony is sending a message to its potential customers that there is a smartphone for everyone’s needs in Sony smartphone family.

Only 10 days ago, Sony officially owns more than 50% of Sony-Ericsson’s stocks, that will be ran by a new company, called Sony Mobile Communication and its CEO Bert Nordberg. Hirai and Nordberg announced that this group transition will give a better off to both companies, but also better decision making in aspect of time.

This is one great way for Sony to get back on the track with new smartphones. Both Xperia P and U are expected to get to the stores by the end of June, and might be very interesting for the demand of the smartphone market. The only thing that is on there way for now is the price, that if too high, might not fulfill the expectations.