Following the example of other luxury brands, fashion house Dior is trying to go digital as much as it can. For now, this brand is doing just fine with its nearly 7 million followers on Facebook, but it looks like something is missing – a Dior online magazine. I guess that tradition and marvelous history are not enough if you don’t keep up with time. is launched this week with eight articles that are exploring the brand’s fresh news, show reports, but are also looking back to the rich history from 1947. Number “eight” has its special meaning, – it was Christian Dior‘s lucky number. It is even expected that Dior magazine will host the first live stream of a Dior fashion show, scheduled for tomorrow, with blogger Susie Bubble on Twitter.

Photos: Dior Magazine

The Magazine will be a daily source for the latest Dior global campaigns and news, soon available in its versions for the iPhone and iPad. The main idea is to accomplish the interaction with its customers, introducing them with the man and the brand behind the name of Christian Dior. I expect that a lot of others fashion brands are going to do the same thing in following period. It seems like the normal next step to do in order to go digital and get closer their customers.