If you can’t join beat them, well… beat them anyways. This is the quote Microsoft has recently been using against Google. It appears to be that the latest videos posted on YouTube are slamming against Google. The idea of the Microsoft is to indirectly force its customers not to use Google Apps, but to go on with the traditional Microsoft Office.

The benefit that one has from using Google Apps, rather than Microsoft Office, is that it’s online and is waiting for you to make a click or two and to start sharing with whoever has a Google mail account. Plus, it is free. If Microsoft is so revengeful at Google for being such a good competitor, why don’t they make all of the Microsoft Office Apps free and available online, and see what will happen. That’s what I thought.

The idea of a software that runs online is just brilliant. Google has expanded so much in a past decade that it has to be a serious threat to others on the market. Starting with the share purchase of YouTube few years ago, Google has the ability to expand and promote itself on the free market. However, Microsoft has been the leader of the software for past 20-30 years.  Nevertheless, not all ideas by Google have been working all that well. Google+ was supposed to be a big, huge deal and it ended up being just another thing that Facebook will “clean off”.

Something like this happened earlier this year. Even though it is not to the same proportion, Samsung and Apple had a similar conflict. What happened there is that Apple has created such a strong image with its smartphone that anybody coming up with anything similar is bound to get some kind of a critique.

However, we will see how will this whole Microsoft vs Google thing goes, but the fact is that Google came up with something new and interesting and Microsoft won’t allow those steps as the holder (along with Apple) of the market.