Collaborations between big brands and popular fashion designers is not something uncommon. A big brand always needs that extra push in order to refresh its image or to make the campaign more successful. Coca-Cola has made a big move by venturing into a partnership with the international fashion icon Jean Paul Gaultier, by appointing him as the Diet Coke’s new creative director. The world-renown fashion designer will closely with Coke to create new and exciting ad campaigns, limited edition cans and bottles, online content and much more throughout 2012.

Photo: Coca-Cola

To fruitfully start this collaboration, Jean Paul Gaultier has taken the role of a therapist, a journalist and a private detective in a set of short films called ‘Night & Day’ featuring puppets that are having fashion crisis:

The third video is expected to be premiered tomorrow (March 10) on Diet Coke’s official YouTube channel and Facebook.

“The brand asked me to explore its fun personality and to style the bottle. I want to show people the codes and signatures I love. The bottles have the shape of a woman’s body, so it was great fun to ‘dress’ them. The Diet Coke motif is so beautiful I had to design around this. The finishing touch was to apply my logo to the bottle, like applying a fragile stamp – making it something special you want to touch,” says Gaultier.

“We’re thrilled to have Jean Paul Gaultier on board as Creative Director for Diet Coke in 2012. Fashion is at the heart of the Diet Coke brand and this new partnership aims to further engage our fashion-forward, stylish target audience of young women. Gaultier’s avant-garde style offers the perfect match for Diet Coke, providing fashion must-haves for those with a ‘lighter approach’ to style and fashion,” says Zoe Howorth, market activation director for Coca-Cola Great Britain.

Unlike other high profile partnerships, this is the first time that a famous fashion designer will be deeply connected with the brand, making critical, yet creative decisions. Coca-Cola believes the avant-garde style of Gaultier combined with one of the most popular diet soft drinks will bring a number of exciting projects during the course of 2012.

With such a popular name supporting its cause, no doubt that Coca-Cola (Diet Coke) is on a roll. We really hope to see some exciting results from this, if I can say, rather unsual, but great partnership.