Here’s a cute new campaign from Kit Kat“Break Time Friday”. Kit Kat is known for reminding us to take a break (and have a Kit Kat while doing so), and now they are taking the well known slogan to the next level. Break Time Friday is a global social campaign that lets you have a break by sending one of your photos to Kit Kat’s Facebook page and getting your caricature drawn, which you can then share with your friends, and make them smile too.

It reminds us of similar campaigns such as Samsung‘s, which made Tweets into artwork, or Greg Burney, the smart artist that got 3000+ followers on Twitter by making caricatures of them.

Get Your Portrait Drawn With Kit Kat's 'Break Time Friday'

All is explained in the video below, and check out some of the caricatures already made here:

Made by JWT Italy.