Tesco, the leader in the UK with a 30% market share, has launched a Facebook game called Delivery Dash” to better engage with its customers. “Delivery Dash”, created by social-media agency Yomego, has targeted female Tesco shoppers as the main promotional group.

The theme of the game is to make a Tesco delivery. By playing this game, the customers will have the opportunity to pack shopping baskets, not for themselves but for their friends. The challenge is to pack the basket during the limited time period, as well as the increasing difficulty as with each next level.

It is estimated that average player spends 30 minutes on a game. Another interesting fact is that Tesco launched a Facebook page in April 2011 and since then it is the most popular supermarket Facebook page, attracting 600,000 fans.

David Price, Tesco head of social media, said that the initiative was launched in purpose of enabling the retailer to “have a conversation with customers” beyond a more direct “selling message”.

“This is a very tentative first step, but we have had a good reaction to it so far” added Price.

I could not escape of wondering why would someone find a delivery game as interesting, regardless of age and gender? But, regarding the recent research, it is shown that the average casual player of social games is a 41 year old women, which perfectly matches the “Delivery Dash” target group.