SMFB agency in Norway launched IKEA’s new catalog for iPad. This wouldn’t be so interesting if there wasn’t something else behind it – this winter the average temperature in Norway was ten degrees below zero, so everybody was wearing gloves and could not use their smartphones, or any other touchscreen devices, and even though blustery weather isn’t strange to Norwegians, the process of ungloving oneself every single time to use a smartphone or tablet is just too much of a bother for anyone. That’s why the agency made a DIY special sewing kit, called “Beröra” (which means ‘to touch’) in pure IKEA style, making it possible for all the Norwegians to make their mittens iPad-touchable. They have created and distributed over 12k of kits in just two weeks, and as a result, IKEA’s catalog has become numero uno on Norway’s App Store list for iPad and most downloaded IKEA catalog per capita in the world.

Although this campaign and product were made in Norway, it could have been useful anywhere in Europe this winter.