Stella Artois has launched a highly interactive, voice-activated digital experience that walks participants through the process of creating a Stella Artois chalice. The website was created with the assistance of Mother agency and it makes a part of the larger campaign Stella Artois campaign, celebrating 600 years of experience in brewing.

Around a thousand participants per day will earn their own Chalice as a result, moreover, some of them will be personally engraved.The Chalice Factory is open now at and will run for two months.

In case you have forgotten, chalices are specialized glasses in which beer is served with a purpose: to bring the contents to their best intended flavour potential. As people from Stella say, Chalice does for beer what champagne flutes do for champagne. So, if wine can have its rule for glasses and rules for drinking, beer can do have it also. Thus, we can’t be satisfied with any mug we get, especially not the dirty one you get in your local pub.

This interrogations and development of the chalice had numerous tests before the final Stella Artois chalice was chosen. Its curved shape enhances the beer’s flavour by releasing the aromas when the liquid is poured and increases the retention of the foam head. The thing I like the most is its elegant “star” stem that encourages drinkers to keep their warm fingers off of the cold glass, keeping the beer colder for longer, just like for vine glasses.

Now, in-factory participants will be led by ALICE, which is a virtual tour guide on an interactive journey through the Chalice Factory. Participants can communicate with ALICE via keyboard or microphone which kinda reminds me of Apple’s SIRI.

After the tour, each participant will earn their own Chalice after completing it, and only a selected number will earn personalized Chalice engraved with a message that they require.

The stages of the Chalice Factory experience feature hidden prizes and unexpected detours. The right turn of phrase will unlock the Factory’s secrets; the wrong response might stop the tour in its tracks.

Exclusively, you can take a tour by clicking here and enjoy your Stella in your new Chalice after a strenuous tour.