For all of you who have forgotten how it feels living the life, PUMA’s latest campaign dubbed PUMA Social is here to remind you with its dedication – Here’s To the After Hours Athlete. The video entitled Live Life, Don’t Watch It has for its goal to encourage us to get up and do things that create our lives and not live someone else’s which attracts us on TV.

Channel surfing is not a sport, but having a good time could be. This 90 second video is created by advertising agency Droga5 NY and directed by Fredrik Bond, criticizing all the celebrity fake lives that we could see on TV and that we should be interested in for some reason.

There are two versions of video, with a two different soundtracks. One with a girl’s inspiring speech and another one with clippings of reality stars speeches. I think this is one of the most inspiring projects form Puma lately and one with the strongest message for sure.This funny party people that we can see in the video are reminding us to use the privilege of being young, foolish and free.