Following last year’s success with “Touch the Rainbow” Skittles campaign (the campaign won two gold Lions at the Cannes ad festival), BBDO Toronto decided to do the same trick this year. They created several YouTube videos that engage the viewers by inviting them to put their index fingers on the screen on a place precisely determined by a Skittle – giving them a role in the short spots – exactly the same method as last year’s. The only difference is BBDO’s attempt to make the ads more weird by creating strange looking characters such as a baby with side burns and creepy eyes, a cyclops doctor, and similar. Take a look at the spots, decide if BBDO’s reinterpretation of last year’s spots is justified, and share your opinion in the comment area below:

We’ve all witnessed that repeating the same theme when creating ads in a short time span can be tiring, and even boring – Samsung has done it with “The Next Big Thing Is Already Here” series. But, does a 12 month time span make a difference? In the Skittles case, I would’t say so. Maybe the company would get a better result by hiring Cousins, the firm that created a hilarious “Share The Rainbows, Taste The Rainbows” parody.