Anthon Berg

Anthon Berg, Denmark’s famous chocolate company, has always been differentiated by generosity. In order for people to rediscover the brand and the positive effects of being generous, the company launched an experiential campaign by opening a temporary chocolate store. The uniqueness of it? To buy a box of chocolate, no cash or credit cards were accepted – each chocolate was priced with different promises of good deeds. To ensure the payment, people’s generous promises were posted on Facebook, making the promises public and the campaign social.

The results: more than 100,000 people saw the pop-up store in five hours it was open, and the campaign received more than 150,000 Facebook feeds in 24 hours.

This is just another great example of how giving away free stuff and engaging social media helps to boost a brand’s popularity. Is there a  better way of getting customers’ attention than by giving them free chocolates and at the same time getting them to make someone else happy? With this campaign, the Danish chocolatier managed to reinforce its leading statement –  by inspiring people to be more generous the company has created a happier society, and the brand’s popularity has been reestablished.