Exciting things are happening at BURGER KING! The global chain of BK has decided to improve its menu with a bit more healthy meals. This will be the broadest expansion of food offerings in their 58 year old history with ten new offerings. According to the press release, the main idea is to have more freshly-prepared food and I understand that fruit smoothies, frappes and fresh salads could be classified as healthy food, bud I don’t see anything like that when it comes to fried crispy chicken strips and snack wraps.

If you want people to believe in your product you need celebrities and, of course, this time is no exception. The BK certainly wasn’t stingy on that, hiring the likes of Jay Leno, David Beckham, Salma Hayek, Mary J. Blige, Steven Tyler and Sofia Vergara.

Photo: Burger King

“We spent the last year analyzing every aspect of our business to better understand what our guests expect from the BURGER KING dining experience. We found that consumers wanted a broader range of menu options to complement our signature fire-grilled burgers. This expanded menu gives consumers more choices and more reasons to visit BURGER KING restaurants,” said Steve Wiborg, president, North America, Burger King Corp. (BKC).

“With their latest initiatives, BURGER KING is showing commitment to areas that I’m passionate about, such as supporting charities, helping children and improving the healthier eating options. I am happy to help the brand launch its first smoothie platform, which is a great addition to any diet,” said David Beckham.

David Beckham Burger King commercial:

Jay Leno Burger King commercial:

Mary J Blige Burger King commercial:

Salma Hayek Burger King commercial:

For now, there are four different videos as a part of the national, multi-platform marketing campaign that will soon hit social media and digital applications. I especially love the Jay Leno commercial, while others are somewhat a déjà vu. We’re still waiting for commercials with Steven Tyler and Sofia Vergara that should pop-up soon. As a part of the campaign, Burger King has also prepared a number of sampling trucks across the USA to promote their new menu. The trucks can be tracked on BK website, beginning April 18th.