German brand Tipp-Ex got so much publicity in August 2010 with their first interactive YouTube experience ad called “NSFW. A hunter shoots a bear!” that they decided it is time to make a sequel. Delighted users and the publicity this correction tape gets is a true indicator of what a brilliant piece of advertainment can make for a brand.

Tippexperience 2 is inviting you to save the bear’s birthday party that is about to be destroyed by the comet. Thanks to Tipp-Ex you have  the power to write an rewrite the year and take the bear and the hunter to a birthday party in any year you choose.

Tippexperience 2

Before you bounce off to see the video here are some tips to help you enjoy the fun of travelling through time.

Try picking a year of some important history event:

    • 1 birth of Jesus Christ
    • any year during Roman Empire
    • pick around the year 500 to turn the Hunter into King Arthur
    • do you remember what happened in 1492?
    • I don’t know about you, but I wish to go back to the Renaissance, pick around 1500
    • 1914- 1918 &  1939-1945 were dangerous years
    • 2001
    • 2004 birth of the biggest social network that keeps reminding us of everybody’s birthday since then
    • 2007 year of the Apple
    • travel to the future, explore the past and enjoy the Tipp-Ex time travel ride.

My personal favorite is Hunter and bear’s 1 birthday party, what is your favorite?