To make beer pouring easier and shotgunning more sophisticated, Miller Lite designed a new can which contains two tabs – the standard one is complemented by another for a “smoother pour with less glug”. To make it more fun, Miller is encouraging beer drinkers to try opening the cans with different sharp objects, such as house keys, golf tees, drumsticks, spanners etc.

To demonstrate usage and benefits of the new can, Miller Lite even made a video:

“Miller Lite is giving beer lovers an even more enjoyable drinking experience with the breakthrough Punch Top Can,” said Amy Breeze, director of innovation and activation for Miller Lite. “In our testing, consumers told us they prefer the Punch Top Can three-to-one over the standard beer can because it’s more like drinking from a pilsner glass. We’re proud of our product and think everyone will have a blast exploring different ways to open it.”

The launch of new can is supported by TV commercials which are showcasing the benefits of the new design, at the same time inspiring consumers to become creative with their opening tools. You can preview them here:

I understand that it’s not easy for beer producers to come up with new beer tastes, and advertising the same product over and over again is always a challenge. That’s the reason why Miller undergoes gimmicks like creating new bottles or cans, and leaves us wondering if it’s really necessary for a can to contain two tabs in order to allow smooth beer flow. This new innovation will for sure make chugging easier, but what could happen is that it might put off a lot of “shotgunners” because it makes shotgunning less fun and dangerous, and basically allows anyone to do it. So far, the consumer feedback hasn’t been very positive and it seems that everyone is asking the same question: If that innovative, why not come up with a better beer taste?