Brazilian fashion retailer C&A is currently testing out the newest wave in interactive social media with its Fashion Like program. C&A shoppers can now view, and ‘like’ clothing items on the retailer’s Facebook page. These Facebook likes then show up in real time on the hangers of clothing items in C&A stores. The idea is definitely interesting, but then, as with so many other random social media campaigns, I find myself asking, “What’s the point?”

Imagine you are a Brazilian consumer aimlessly wandering through C&A browsing the racks, when you spot an item you find fetching. Let’s say as you are examining the clothing, the counter on the hanger suddenly flicks from 586 to 587. Do you feel glad that someone else approves of your choice or do you cringe at the thought of someone out there owning the exact same wardrobe as you? What if the count on the hanger was low, does that mean the item is unique or just a horrible shopping decision waiting to happen? Perhaps your decision is totally unaffected by the count, because you do not care either way how many people have liked an item.

Regardless, it is still too early to tell whether C&A’s idea will turn into a retailing phenomenon or a short-lived novelty.