Just as we announced previously this month, Pepsi has started with its first global campaign Live for Now. Brand has released the first TV ad Now in the Moment starring Nicki Minaj, just like it was expected. The commercial propagates a simple idea: to live each moment the best we can through a wide range of pop-culture activities.

The visual identity of the commercial is subordinate to Nicki Minaj’s recognizable style which resembles Barbie’s a bit too much this time. The video also features Minaj’s hit single Moment 4 Life that fits perfectly in the whole concept. There are two extended versions of Now in the Moment, 90-second and 60-second, both directed by Fredrik Bond whose idea was to capture the frozen moments and pay attention to details. It seems that Nicki’s extravagant appearance flashed us all so no one noticed Betsey Johnson. I got the impression that Pepsi hired Betsy only to help her through her brand’s bankruptcy and no other reason.

“Pepsi has a rich history of inspiring fans to connect with pop-culture and entertainment and providing them with unparalleled experiences in relevant, authentic, and new ways. We wanted to create an ad spot that is true to Pepsi’s DNA and speaks to the essence of living for now,” said Simon Lowden, Chief Marketing Officer at Pepsi Beverages Company.

Photo: shopping blog

We are yet to see if these efforts will really turn the new generation into Pepsi generation. The next step through the Live for Now campaign is Pepsi’s partnership with Paramount Pictures and pop star Katy Perry on their upcoming movie Katy Perry: Part of Me 3D. Pepsi has also announced the collaboration with Sony and the Estate of Michael Jackson that will result in epic live events, special edition of Pepsi cans and retail promotions.