Tennis player Novak Djoković and his team yesterday, together with PRpepper,  released an official video celebrating their new logo and explaining its meaning. I never really thought much about making a logo or “branding” a sportsman, so it was interesting to see what a logo for the best tennis player in the world should look like.

After typing “Novak Djokovic’s new logo” in Google I’ve come across an observation from Yahoo Sports that states that “Novak Djoković’s new logo is more complex than the ATP’s rankings system”, which isn’t really far from the truth. But the good news is that that complexity is compactly packed in a very simple symbol, that at the same time represents tradition, freedom, and Novak’s rank, combined with his initials, explained in the video below:

I have only one major complaint: What on earth is going on with the video’s graphics/effects?