Ford launched a ‘Models of Courage’ campaign in order to demonstrate goodwill and raise awareness of breast cancer. This company is making clothes for a fundraiser and donating all of it to the breast cancer foundation. 11 women and men are modeling in this campaign in order to raise awareness and help those who need it the most. Ford started this program 18 years ago, and has raised $115 million ever since.

Furthermore, in order to make people donate money towards this fundraiser, they have decided to give away a brand new 2013 Ford Escape on a lottery. It is that simple. Those who donate money are potential drivers of a brand new Escape, and that’s why this lottery is called the “Warriors in Pink Sweet Escape”.

Photo: mustangevolution & murphyford.blogspot

According to Tracy Magee, Ford’s primary brand experiential manager, they are thrilled that the campaign helped raise so much money in recent years:

“The Ford Warriors in Pink campaign recognizes the strength and courage it takes to deal with the daily challenges of fighting breast cancer. We are so thrilled to highlight these inspirational women and men as our Models of Courage. We hope their personal stories and experiences with breast cancer will help raise awareness and serve to inspire those on the front lines battling breast cancer.”

Ford is well known as a company that is constantly helping the environment and world that surrounds us. Their vehicles are high-efficient compared to the same-size vehicles of the competition, they are constantly involved with various fundraisers and also care about their customers with special discounts and insurance policies. It is hard, however, to claim that Ford, as a multi-billion dollar profit oriented organization is doing this just to help the cause. Even though they are giving all the collected money to this fundraiser, they are doing it in order to boost their public image in general, but especially to those who are dealing with breast cancer or know somebody who does. However, one cannot point their finger at Ford for the same reason, because if every car manufacturer did the same in order to boost their sales, everybody would benefit from it. This particular campaign is the one that will surely have positive effect on Ford as a brand, but also maybe inspire other brands to do something similar.