Sainsbury’s has very unusual approach towards its customers on social media, for such a famous brand. Hence, as Adweek reports, the influential U.K. blogger October Jones wrote a tweet complaining about his chicken sandwich he bought at the grocery chain. The tweet was: “Dear Sainsbury‘s. The chicken in my sandwich tastes like it was beaten to death by Hulk Hogan.”

The reply was prompt, but quite unexpected: “Really sorry it wasn’t up to scratch. We will replace Mr. Hogan with Ultimate Warrior on our production line immediately.” As it was not brave enough, another Sainsbury’s corporate account has replied with sincere regrets that the customer had to wrestle his way through the sandwich.

When it comes to customer service on Twitter it’s hard to think of someone better than Sainsbury’s. It is quite interesting to hear all the comments and unconventional customer complaints. The best example is the decision to change the name of its Tiger Bread to Giraffe Bread, based on an online campaign that started with a 3-year-old’s letter.

Many corporate brands on Twitter should take inspiration from Sainsbury’s. There is huge number of Twitter users overwhelmed with this turn of events. It’s always refreshing to see that some brands stand out bravely and write interesting comments like Sainsbury’s, regarding the fact that everybody expects from corporations to be professional, polite and ultra-responsive.