Pepsi, after the recent launch of their new Live for Now global campaign, decided to team up with Twitter, and extend the global campaign to music through this partnership. We could have assumed something like this was about to come when the company released the series of ads featuring Nicki Minaj, but now it became official: Pepsi is going full steam ahead into bringing together music lovers and the artists they admire.

This sub-campaign is called Live for Now Music and will focus on the brands Twitter page, where fans will be able to find exclusive music content on a weekly basis. The content will be divided into three basic categories:

  • Short videos covering current music trends, quick artist overviews and music in general. The videos will be published every Wednesday during next 52 weeks.
  • Free songs for download, which Pepsi will make available through Amazon to fans that tweet something with the hashtag #PepsiMusicNow in it.
  • Info about the series of pop-up concerts that Pepsi will organize across the United States during the upcoming summer and fall. The concerts will feature popular musicians, and will be streamed on Pepsi’s Twitter page and on a website  specially set up for this occasion.
The partnership was highly praised by both Pepsi and Twitter representatives:

“The Pepsi partnership with Twitter is awesome on so many levels.  Twitter is the quintessential ‘now-time’ media, which is a natural fit with our “Live for Now” global campaign. Combine that with Pepsi’s long association with music and the result makes for a cool and innovative experience for music fans everywhere,” commented Brad Jakeman, president, Global Beverage Group, PepsiCo.

“We’re happy to join Pepsi in giving people new ways to indulge their musical passions on Twitter… Music is an essential part of the Twitter experience. Together, we will bring fans closer to the artists they love and help them listen to, see and discover more music,” added Adam Bain, president of global revenue at Twitter.

Take a look at the first video Pepsi tweeted, as a part of the Live for Now Music campaign:

The parent, “Live for Now” campaign was highly criticized because of the overall feel it embraces, which was characterized as teenish. Will Pepsi manage to grasp a wider audience through this initiative? Only time will tell.