As I’ve read, it turns out that July 1st is a popular moving day in Quebec, Canada, and as a result it causes a bit of chaos and a certain lack of cardboard boxes. So, Leo Burnett Toronto thought of a plan that merges creative with useful, in order promote IKEA and yet help with the box shortage: They made branded cardboard posters and strategically put them around Quebec, which, when pulled down could be transformed into moving boxes, or even chairs useful for moments of exhaustion. The boxes included playful tag lines, discounts, moving tips and dinner offers, and with all that in mind, they were certainly an advertising, customer-engaged opportunity well used for IKEA. The result of this campaign was that IKEA and Leo Burnett Toronto (deservedly) won a North American Gold Effie.

Photo: PSFK, Adweek

IKEA is known for its simple yet utterly effective campaigns that hit right to the point and have a high level of customer engagement. To see some other campaigns similar to this one, check out IKEA’s Milan Design Fair surprise toilet, its iPad DIY kit or its full furnished apartment in the middle of a metro station.